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I am Jenna Kisler hair stylist and makeup artist. I grew up right here in the BLC “Biggest Little City.” I attended college and graduated from UNR with a Bachelor of Arts. My passion has always been in hair and makeup it was only until I was older did I realize it was something I could do as a career. I am extremely passionate about what I do and am fortunate to have a job I love.

My artistic background allows me as a hairstylists and makeup artist to be able to use my creativity and imagination to envision and create styles specifically for my clients.

My goal is for my clients to be confident and satisfied with their hairstyle every time. I believe you can never stop learning in this industry that’s why I continue to stay on top of the latest trends and take continuing education classes. This way I am able to cater to a wide range of clientele.

I specialize in everything that has to do with extensions; (bonded, sewn in, fusions, micro links, skin wefts, synthetic dreads and braids) also natural dreads, and braids. I am known for my expertise in color so come and see me to formulate the perfect color for you.